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Up to My Normal (but somehow still magical) Nonsense

Around the time of my last post, my partner and I were getting ready to move back to Arizona where we had grown up and since this marks move 5 in just as many years it’s probably not a huge shock that I shut down a lot of parts of my life in preparation for it. Thankfully the move went smoothly, although there was some last-minute harrowing drama between “Are we going to be able to rent this house or will we be in an apartment again?” but everything worked out well in the 9th hour. I’m really excited to try out some projects I earmarked for this move when I knew that we were heading out again.  

I’m excited to start writing again, I’ve missed sharing with everyone and I feel like I have a lot to offer those of us who might be excited to DIY some things for their house or who are unsure if what they see in the home/garden magazines can be accomplished in an actual home where people live. Pro Tip- Everything gets messy eventually and can’t be picture perfect all the time and if you can make peace with that sooner rather than later, a lot of stress goes away. Some of the projects I want to accomplish are:

  1. Make canvas art again to provide visual interest to lots of open space on a budget
  2. Bring in and support as much of a bug-free plant experience as I can
  3. Source inexpensive furniture as needed to fill 5 bedrooms worth of space
  4. Finish setting up my “reading nook”
  5. Hang a VERY LARGE picture in my front hallway
  6. Tackle some sewing projects
  7. Decorate a large house for Christmas on a budget/With Dollar Store/Thrifted items

Number 8 is important to me because I’ve wanted to have one for ages but haven’t had the time to really do so. This year my mom and I are thinking of jointly hosting a pre-Christmas get-together with some friends so we can all make Christmas tags for presents and the like. Number 7 is also important because last year I didn’t really feel in the Christmas spirit and I think a lot of it had to do with I didn’t decorate my own space much last year and we all traded presents beforehand so Christmas Day, despite best efforts felt a little…off.

I also have personal goals because of course I do!

  1. Harlow Kaine chaptered story
  2. Write more in general – personal essays, historical essay’s, pondering the complexity of life essays….
  3. Get back on track with my Monthly Media
  4. Cook delicious foods and share the recipes (I do have a few up my sleeve!)
  5. Start some personal journeys to make myself a better person

So even though I’ve been gone for a while I hope you can rejoin me again as I get my feet back under me and stay tuned for some great content I hope to have for you in a much timelier manner!

Cheers – Rae

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